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| 20/07/2021 | COFFEE Migration

| 31/01/2021 | Moderators

we have new moderators in telegram.

| 23/01/2021 | COFEDEX TESTNET

You can now use COFEDEX on the Rinkeby network.


| 23/01/2021 | COFEDEX

CoffeeSwap will have its own decentralized exchange, with Atomic Swap technology that allows exchanges between different blockchain networks.

| 18/01/2021 | CoffeeSwap ft. P2PB2B

This news is a big step for the Coffeeswap project. This collaboration will allow us to reach more investors when we launch the IEO.
We have decided to launch the IEO with P2PB2B because they offer us more benefits and have many more investors than ChainX.

| 17/01/2021 | COFE Private Sale Update

CoffeeSwap is already starting!

| 17/01/2021 | Airdrop for Holders

Rewards for our investors

| 17/01/2021 | 🔥Burning system

Burn coffee to get even hotter coffee.

| 15/01/2021 | Eliminated public presale

The 2 planned public presales will be replaced by 2 IEO rounds on ChainX ,the first IEO will start when the private sale ends.
What is an IEO? IEO or Initial Exchange Offering is a pre-sale launched by an Exchange that is responsible for managing fundraising.

| 13/01/2021 | Governance Update

we have added the subdomain https://vote.coffeesewap.finance
Learn more about Governance at:

| 13/01/2021 | Beta Testers

More information here:

| 10/01/2021 | Automated APY Selector Update

Pool changes will be made with the most optimal Gas commission. The software will collect information about commissions day after day and allow pool changes at the most appropriate time of the day.
This software is not a fortune teller, it does not know at what time of day the commission will be lower,It will select the ideal moment between price and time for transactions to be confirmed in less than 5-10 minutes.
These transactions are carried out automatically, the investor does not have to confirm anything but the cost of the transaction will be discounted from the profits when leaving the pool.
so how does it work?
The software collects information about Gas throughout the day to be able to make an average, which will allow to know when to launch transactions.
Technical data on how it works are private. They will only be shown to auditors.

| 08/01/2021 | RoadMap Update

The Roadmap has been expanded

| 08/01/2021 | DDoS Protection

We have added protection against DDoS attacks.

| 07/01/2021 | Order Book and Order History

The limit orders platform for Stake and UnStake will have an Order Book to see all pending orders and in order history.
More news soon.

| 04/01/2021 | the TestSale has been canceled

Due to the failure of launching a pre-sale on the Bounce decentralized platform, the Pre-sale has been canceled. No Token has been sold due to the low confidence generated by the Bounce platform and its high commissions to interact with your smart contract.
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