Token info

-Contract name: coffeMakerToken
-Ticker: COFFEE
Address: 0xff484b38365896a10e68594a8754a3878af75e5b
-Github contract: https://github.com/cofeeswap
-Total supply: 100 000 000 COFE
-PreSale Allocation:

Token distribution

I. Presale and liquidity unicrypt.network
60 000 000 COFFEE
II. Marketing and promotions
30 000 000 COFFEE will be used to promote our project and to do giveaways and airdrops.
All promotions paid with COFE will be added here. All unused Tokens will be burned before adding liquidity to Pancakeswap.
III. Team Reserve
10 000 000 COFFEE locked until May 2022
Last modified 5mo ago