🏃Migration to V2
A lot has happened in our first adventure in the Defi world with the version v1 of CoffeeMaker called Coffeeswap, they were incredible months that ended badly due to the fall of the markets and the high commissions in Ethereum that did not allow us to deploy the cross chain.
That is why we decided to reactivate the project and look for new alternatives to the implementation of a consistent and scalable cross chain. The Ethereum network was our initial goal to cross chain with BSC but due to the high transaction fees it did not allow CoffeeMaker to be a scalable project, so we have been working since then on another Blockchain that allows good scalability. (More than good)
We also decided to change the name from Coffeeswap to Coffeemaker because there is another project with a name very similar to our first name.

Migration Contracts V1 to V2


Last modified 4mo ago