More than a PancakeSwap Fork 💡

To achieve success with a project you need more than copying a code and adapting it, success is achieved by improving with new and innovative ideas. That is why CoffeeMaker was born, a Pancakeswap Fork with a governance token (Cofe) and with a platform that will allow you to make the most of compound interest thanks to our new automatic APY selector system that will select the highest APY value daily to optimize profits automatically, as well as being able to place limit orders to Stake and Unstake on the value of the selected tokens.


1. Automated APY selector.
2. Limit orders to Stake and UnStake.
3. Governance

Automated Annual Percentage Yield (APY) selector

Ethereum Version
In the automated APY pool you only need to deposit Ethereum,after depositing ethereum and approving all transactions, the entire process is automated,the platform will be in charge of choosing the best pool each day. This pool is under development but with great progress, once it is finished we will request an audit to be able to launch it without problems.
Pool changes will be made with the most optimal Gas commission. The software will collect information about commissions day after day and allow pool changes at the most appropriate time of the day.
This software is not a fortune teller, it does not know at what time of day the commission will be lower,It will select the ideal moment between price and time for transactions to be confirmed in less than 5-10 minutes.
These transactions are carried out automatically, the investor does not have to confirm anything but the cost of the transaction will be discounted from the profits when leaving the pool.
so how does it work?
The software collects information about Gas throughout the day to be able to make an average, which will allow to know when to launch transactions.
Technical data on how it works are private. They will only be shown to auditors.

Exponential growth 📈

The pool automated APY will make the investor's APY much higher than any other platform, so it will attract more and more investors, and being a protocol that will move many funds from pool to pool on a daily basis, it will make the APY rise even more due to the great fluctuation of Assets so the APY of investors will be increasingly high.

Limits orders to Stake and Unstake👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

You will now be able to place limit orders in Stake and Unstake operations when the chosen Token reaches the chosen target. So you can, for example, place an unstake limit order in the COFE-ETH pool when the price of ETH reaches $ 800. As Automated Annual Percentage Yield will need to be audited to avoid problems and security breaches.


All members who hold at least 1 COFE are eligible to vote in the community through our platform.
  • Any change that the community wants to integrate must be approved by vote.
  • Any update that the community wants to integrate must be approved by vote.
To reduce the burden of fees for smaller holders, we have decided to launch off-chain voting hosted by Snapshot. Snapshot is an off-chain gasless multi-government customer with results that are easy to verify and difficult to dispute. Makes proposal creation and voting free with benefits similar to chain voting.
Access from here: https://vote.coffeeswap.finance
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