🐶Baby Sol Doge
Baby Sol Doge is the youngest brother of the DogeCoin family. We got inspired by our big brother BabyDogeCoin, and the GREAT charity work they did compare to our father DogeCoin, and yes, he is getting old and slow compared to us. But we still love our father regardless!


Baby Sol Doge allows the smart contract to trigger buybacks and burns alter every sale automatically. Here's a simple explanation for those who don't know what BuyBack is: when a company buys issued shares to reduce the number of shares available on the open market, it is termed "Buyback". A company buys back its shares from the existing shareholders in the stock market, usually at a higher price than the market price. Thus, this practice increases the value of tokens and encourages holders to keep holding, given the continuous rise in the price as the effect of buyback. Buyback contracts automatically collect a 6% buyback tax on each transaction stored inside the contract. The contract triggers buyback when a sale happens, and a portion of the buyback amount is automatically used to purchase tokens from the liquidity pool. OUR UNIQUE FEATURES Value lncrease Once the liquidity pool tokens are purchased, a new SOL is added to the pool, and the number of tokens is reduced, causing the price to rise. Free SOL When tokens are burned, it is equivalent to adding free BSOL to the pool as there are no tokens to seh in the future. Holders Rewards Reward to holders from the reflections of buying and selling in Baby Sol Doge tokens.
Charity Auto distribution to fighting climate change and to Greta Thunberg's Foundation.
Several scientest are pointing out clear that the key global temperature limit will rise within the next five years. A study asserts that by 2025, there is a 40% chance of at least one year being 1.5 C hotter than the pre-industrial level.
With global warming at the brink of spiraling out of control, we all have to take action and join initiatives on keeping this issue at bay. At Baby Sol Doge, we are extremely focused on the climate change issue. We are looking at all the avenues we can part- ner with to light climate change and rising global temperatures.
We are currently working on partnering with several climate change organizations and supporting them through charity donations, direct donations, and direct impact initiatives. These initiatives are such planting trees, restoring coral reefs, among others.

Stake Liquidity Pool

The indispensable nature of the Baby Sol Doge lies in one of its unique charateristics. The Baby Sol Doge allows a platform for lottery on its website. We are leveraging the full power of the BSD token by creating an avenue for holders of the Baby Sol Doge token to earn more through an easily accessible lottery on our official website.
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